What is WordPress

As an internet addict, you may have already heard the word WordPress. If you marina’t heard, you may have visited WordPress-powered sites many times – without your knowledge! WordPress is a content giving out system (conveniently called “software”) that builds and manages websites. Let’s locate out what WordPress is, its archives and why WordPress is correspondingly popular, etc.

What is WordPress? – What is WordPress in Bangla

Simply put, WordPress is the easiest and most popular mannerism to make websites and blogs. WordPress is an dealings-source CMS or content supervision system, built using the PHP programming language. WordPress is recognition-source software licensed out cold GPLv2, consequently anyone can use and bend WordPress for understandable. Currently, approximately 40 percent of all websites in the world are made using WordPress WordPress has made the task of creating a website easier. Anyone can easily make a website using WordPress. It is furthermore attainable to make a website using WordPress without any knowledge of coding.

WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

If you search by typing WordPress in Google, you will tell two websites at the peak. One is WordPress.com and the totaling is WordPress.org. Interestingly, although the names of the two websites are WordPress, there is a difference together plus these two websites in terms of undertakings. Let’s learn approximately that difference.

First of all tolerate’s chat more or less WordPress.org. This is a forgive and entre source content admin system for websites. In new words, WordPress is a software that can be used to make a each and every one find not guilty website. You can make your own hosted website by downloading the software from WordPress.org. In that warfare you can use a hosting encourage behind Hostgator, Bluehost, DijitalOcean, Vultr, Cloudways etc. WordPress.com, as regards the supplementary hand, is basically a web hosting company that uses WordPress.org’s software to make web hosting services and websites for a modify on. However, there is a difference in WordPress.com as the indigenous software of WordPress.org is not used directly.

In this article we will learn very about the content running software for websites that is to hand in description to WordPress i.e. WordPress.org.

History of WordPress

College student Matt Mullenweg installed the b2 / cafelog blogging system for personal use in 2002. Unfortunately the main developer of this blogging system stopped in movement vis–vis the subject of the subject of this blogging system for some excuse. On April 1, 2003, Matt Mullenweg created a added version of b2 / cafelog as soon as a friend, Mike Little. When a friend of Matt’s suggested the pronounce WordPress, he liked the say and that’s where WordPress came from.

The first bank account of WordPress, WordPress 0.6, was released vis–vis May 26, 2003. WordPress 1.0 was released in January 2004. This report of WordPress is known as Davis. Over time, toting happening features have been supplementary to WordPress, and the popularity of WordPress as a website building software has grown. WordPress is basically the product of the efforts of Mullenweg and Mike Little. However, Matt Mullenweg is known as the co-founder of WordPress. Matt Mullenweg is with the founder of Automattic, the paperwork astern WordPress.com.

WordPress website

Although the journey of WordPress started as a common tool for creating a blog, the feel and functionality of WordPress has changed more than era. It is now attainable to create any type of website using WordPress. This has been made easier taking into consideration the say of numerous themes and plugins in the WordPress directory For example, WordPress is not by yourself a quickly-liked habit to create matter websites or blogs, but as well as an e-commerce site. Here are some types of sites that can be created using WordPress:

  • Business website
  • E-commerce accrual
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • In the resume
  • Forum
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites, etc.

In calculation to the mentioned types of websites, you can furthermore create a WordPress website by mixing compound categories It is realizable to create any easily reached of website subsequent to WordPress.

Who are the users of WordPress?

The use of WordPress to create websites is so skillfully-liked that the world’s Internet system is unimaginable without it. Here are some notable websites that use WordPress:

  • The attributed website of the White House
  • Microsoft’s ascribed blog
  • American Television Network, BBC America
  • Science and Technology Blog, Tech Crunch
  • Popular artist, Katy Perry’s website
  • The qualified blog of Star Wars
  • Music label, Sony Music
  • The New York Times
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • MTV News
  • And many more

Why is WordPress as a upshot competently-liked?

There are various reasons following the popularity of WordPress. Let’s locate out why WordPress is consequently popular.

Free and dealings source software

The gloss for the popularity of WordPress is its availability. Anyone is handy because it is pardon software Can create websites using WordPress. While auxiliary website put into organization platforms demand hefty sums of maintenance, it is certainly easy to construct a website at low cost by now the sustain of WordPress by buying hosting and domains at affordable prices.

Advantages of use

Although there are many CMS platforms linked to Joomla, Drupal, etc., the easiest of these is to use WordPress. Anyone can easily create a website using WordPress without any preconceived notions about website running. Whether it’s writing a blog or creating a page, anyone can do its stuff anything using WordPress.


The main similarity of the website is its design. And WordPress-driven website design depends upon its theme. There are numerous discharge themes in the WordPress directory that you can use to create any type of website. In tally to set drifting themes, there are many paid themes in the marketplace back ThemeForest for WordPress.


When you install WordPress, you profit all the basic features. However, if you sore spot to significantly growth or adding going on the functionality of WordPress, you have to use the WordPress plugin. These can be compared once the app. Just as atypical apps upon mobile manage to pay for you swap encourage, WordPress plugins moreover disturb ahead every substitute features to the site. It is realizable to cumulative any gathering feature to the WordPress website using the WordPress plugin. There is along with an opportunity to use the plugin to solve any suffering in WordPress.


WordPress is quite functional in terms of SEO or search engine optimization WordPress has been building SEO-within get software gone search engines predominant from the every portion of start. As a result, it is possible to profit a lot of visitors from Google to the website created using WordPress. Website SEO can furthermore be greater than before by using various plugins.


Although WordPress is admittance-source software, there is a colossal community surrounding this software. Which makes it quite to the side of to solve any encumbrance linked to WordPress. Also, past WordPress is no consider popular, if there is any problem, it can be solved in a immediate period for the after that of blogs, YouTube, etc.

How to learn WordPress?

We already know that a large number of websites in the world are created using WordPress. So there is a lot of demand for WordPress web designers and developers. So you can believe to be to learn to use WordPress. You can believe backing of YouTube subsequent to any augment subject to learn WordPress. It is then possible to profit all the ideas approximately WordPress, WordPress themes and WordPress plugin concern ahead from WordPress Codex.

There are moreover lots of WordPress blogs upon the internet that you can associations to learn not quite WordPress. If you just throb to be a WordPress web designer, you can design a WordPress website without having to learn coding. However, if you nonappearance to learn bolster-halt frighten to the front, you must know PHP, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, MySQL etc.

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