What is Heart Attack

Our heart Is the vital organ, that pumps blood throughout the body. It take blood through  the veins and sends it to lungs where blood is replenished with Oxygen. Before pumping the oxygen rich blood through the various arteries to the rest of the figure. As our heart is a sore muscle it needs a fresh supply of oxygen by blood. Vessels called coronary  arteries in order of function properly.
However, sometimes these coronary arteries that supply the heart with oxygenated blood can slowly narrow due to buildup of the plaque which is made up of fat cholesterol calcium and other substances found in the blood

Blood Clots Will Then Form Around The Plate

blocking the artery when the artery is seriously narrowed it disrupts the blood. flow to the heart and one will develop coronary heart disease coronary heart  disease can lead to a heart attack. When there is a unforeseen complete blockage of the coronary artery, where the heart muscle is deprived of oxygen, causing damage and even death to the muscle.There are modifiable danger factors and non-modifiable risk factors for heart
factors that you can control treat or change, you can lower the risk of heart attack by managing modifiable risk. Elements such as smoking or vulnerability to secondhand smoke high blood pressure high blood cholesterol or bad. Cholesterol diabetes or high blood sugar levels obesity and lack of exercise, then there are also non-modifiable risk factors which can’t be changed such as  age gender ethnicity family medical history and menopause.
Knowing one’s danger element and managing them can help to increase the chances of better heart health as well as lessen the risk of heart attack the manifestations of a heart attack, include prolonged severe central chest ache which can’t be relieved by rest or usual cure nausea shortness of breath cold sweat and sudden dizziness
Some people may suffer a heart attack without having any manifestations. If you suspect that you have a heart attack call 9954 an ambulance look around and try to get help from someone rest sit or lie down find someone to stay with you until medical personnel arrives, don’t drive or go to the hospital by yourself. It is important to diagnose a heart attack early and open up the blocked artery quickly and effectively to minimize the extent of damage to the heart strength. One treatment option is cure such as aspirin to dissolve the blood clot and unblock the artery, another treatment option that is more effective is to surgically insert a balloon or stent to open a narrowed or closed artery.
This is known as coronary angioplasty after a heart attack it is heartened to undergo a cardiac rehabilitation program along with medications to gradually resume a normal lifestyle and reduce the danger of another heart attack. The cardiac rehabilitation program at the National Heart Center Singapore involves exercise training health education risk elements and behavior modification as well as diet modification.This structured program aims to gradually improve one’s cardiovascular fitness level and psychological well-being to help one resume a normal lifestyle over time.

Doctor Advice

while treatments don’t cure coronary heart disease or prevent another heart attack following your doctor’s advice, taking medications and making necessary lifestyle changes including a healthy diet and exercise plan our importance, maintain good heart health as well as preventive program of heart disease and another heartache.

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