What is 5G?

Like everything else in the world, mobile network technology is evolving. Among these 5G or 5G networks are currently being discussed. New technologies are constantly being discovered that are being adapted for use by the general public after long research. Although different technical terms are used as the names of cellular technologies, they have been divided into different generations for the convenience of general consumers to understand. Such as- second generation network, third generation network etc. These are easily called 2G and 3G.

Mobile users around the world are now using fourth generation networks or 4G. We are also able to enjoy 4G facility in Bangladesh. 4G was launched in Bangladesh in 2016. It is hoped that in 2021, mobile phone users will be able to experience 5G in Bangladesh. Since 5G is a new technology for us, there is no shortage of interest from everyone. Let’s find out more about 5G network and the benefits of 5G.

What is 5G? – What is 5G?

As mentioned earlier, 5G is a fifth generation wireless mobile network. Naturally, its speed and nature will be better than the 4G technology currently used. And in doing so, other specifications have also been changed. The 5G network we are talking about here is the 5G used in cellular devices. Also the fifth generation of WiFi network or 5G has been invented which is already in use. Currently 4G wireless networks work with two technologies. One is LTE or Long Term Evolution and the other is WiMAX. We use 4G network of LTE technology on mobile or smartphone.

Similarly 5G technology may also be given a technical name based on the specification. A different encoding method will be used for data transfer on the Five G network. Moreover, its carrier channel will be much wider so that it can provide more bandwidth and at the same time keep many more devices connected.

How fast will 5G be? What will be the speed of 5G?

In general, the transfer speed of a cellular network depends largely on its good and bad. It is true that the actual speed can be much lower than the theoretical speed of any network. As we see in the case of 4G. The speed also depends on the capacity of the device and your location. Whatever it is, researchers say the speed of the 5G network will be 10 Gbps or 10 gigabits per second. However, the network design of the Five-G has a peak speed of 20 GB.

But in the actual tests, of course, not so much speed is available. Tests on various mobile devices have found speeds ranging from 1 to 1.5 gigabits. But even then, it is much faster than the current 4G. The average speed of FiveG can be more than 100 Mbps. Let’s get an idea of ​​how fast 5G will be. Simply put, you will get at least 10 times faster internet speed than you currently get on 4G network. Simply put, on a 5G network you can download a 2 hour video in less than 10 seconds. Where it takes about 6 minutes to download this same video on 4G.

At the same time the latency of 5G will be much less. Latency is when connecting to a server. In common parlance what we call ping. This will facilitate many more processes including online gaming. If you read our internet speed test post then you can know more details about ping, latency, download / upload speed.

What are the benefits of 5G?

With more than 5G speeds, internet users will get several benefits. But 5G means more than just high speed internet connection. Using 5G will bring huge changes to the world’s communications and industrial systems. It’s not just for watching movies, but the world of 5G is much bigger.

Quick download

This is the most talked about aspect of 5G. The data transfer rate is expected to be 30-50 times higher than 4G. As a result, you can download a full HD movie of a few GB size from the internet in a few seconds, which is unthinkable in the case of 4G. Besides, you don’t have to sit for hours like the previous day to update a few gigabytes of software.

Bufferless streaming

The current era is the era of streaming. At one time people only thought of video streaming, but platforms like Google’s Stadia are also arranging video games for streaming. In the case of 5G, new horizons of video game play will be opened for low latency. Then you can play all high-profile games without downloading to your mobile or PC. Games can be played on any PC without a high-powered gaming PC. With cloud computing you can stream games.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the future. Experience virtual reality or augmented reality will make it easier for 5G. At the same time, operations like robotic surgery using virtual reality will gradually become more common. Then a doctor can operate on a patient in a remote operating theater using a robotic arm while sitting in his chamber. The high speed and ultra-low latency of 5G will make this advantage.

Power efficient

Modem chips supported by 5G network are much faster than before War efficient. As a result, using the net in FiveG technology on mobile devices will cost much less. This will greatly reduce your worries about mobile charging. Experts believe that the battery charge of 5G phones will be more long lasting. However, Nokia has already stated that the 5G network will be up to 90 percent energy efficient. Over time we can expect something better!

Automatic car

Driverless cars are already on the road. However, with the advent of 5G, their spread will increase. Due to the fast speed and ultra-low-latency of the Five G network, vehicles will be able to operate more accurately by instantaneous communication with their own / local network and server.

When will the 5G network be launched in Bangladesh?

What is 5G? What are the benefits of 5G? When will the 5G network be launched? 5G network has already been launched in different countries of the world. Mobile 5G is likely to be launched in Bangladesh by 2021. Many mobile phone companies have already launched their 5G smartphones. So be optimistic about running 5G between this year and next year. Frequently asked questions about 5G

What will be the 5G net speed?

5G will be completed at least ten times faster than the current 4G network. Although this speed will depend on your area, device and many more. But you will definitely get better experience in 5G than 4G.

How much will 5G internet cost?

At present, the price of 4G internet package is likely to be the same as 5G. However, since mobile companies will need to invest more to expand the 5G network, the cost of data packages may be higher in some cases initially.

Can I use 5G on my current phone?

If your current phone is not 5G supported then you can’t. 5G requires special chips or hardware in the phone. You can know for sure by contacting the customer care of the phone according to the model number of your phone.

Will I need a separate SIM card for 5G?

Just like many people had to change their SIM card for 4G, some customers have to change their SIM card for 5G. It depends on when you bought or changed your SIM card. No worries, you can find out when 5G is launched. So, we learned a lot about 5G. What are your expectations with 5G? How is your experience with the current 4G? Are you satisfied with Forge? Let us know in the comments and share with everyone.

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