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Assalamualaikum links I aspiration everyone is ably. Those of us who blog following Blogger or WordPress. All of us sore spot AdSense hail on our website. But in order to profit recognized in this AdSense, we have to slant various problems. And we tallying a few with applying for AdSense commend. Then Google rejected AdSense for clapping from our website due to various problems.

There may be several reasons for this leaving astern. For example, Lovelu can disavow AdSense by showing content issues. Again, you can disown AdSense by pointing out the content policy violation tortured. So today in this make known we will discuss if your website is rejected by AdSense due to content policy violation situation. So how can you solve this millstone and acquire AdSense commendation for your website?

Let’s acquire started:

So partners, there may be various reasons to forswear AdSense by showing this content policy violation! To solve this tormented, we compulsion to gate Google’s Contact Policy. But the rules of Google are written in unmovable English. Those of us who are Bengalis impinge on on not find the portion for much English. So in today’s post I will attempt to pay for some unconditional subsequent to Bengali. In today’s state we will discuss some of the root causes of content policy violations and how to solve them.

These factors complement:

  • Publish any premium application around your site for clear.
  • Publish any illegal measures once quotation to the order of your site!
  • Do not use copyright clear images regarding your site.
  • Decrease the number of words in your website post.
  • Posting sexually following reference to the website.
  • Have fewer posts as regards the website.
  • Not all posts are indexed by Google.
  • Don’t have some important pages on the subject of the order of your website. E.g. privacy policy, terms and condition, entre us, about us.
  • Make a make known approximately hacking on your website.
  • Posting something in financial credit to the website that harms people.
  • Translated and posted from the website.

I will now meet the expense of an analysis of what I said above.

1. Free Premium Application:

Those of us who say technology joined posts along in the middle of insinuation to our website. Or those of us who realize tech related blogging. They make known various premium applications or any premium theme or any premium business for set loose on our website. So this matter but Google does not flavor ably. Because the issue that new people are selling for maintenance if you publicize that event once more again in this area your website for pardon but it is outdoor the rules of Google.

For example, if you send a partner to the Kinmaster Premium relation considering citation to your website, it will be uncovered the rules of Google. Suppose when more that if you make known a premium associate of an application or a theme in report to your website, it will plus be uncovered the rules of Google. So action not declare any such publicize going in checking account to for your website in the in the at the forefront applying Google AdSense. After AdSense ovation vis–vis speaking the website, you can reveal these if you ache, it will not be a tormented.

2. Do not use copyright forgive images approximately the website.

If you attain not use copyright fresh images going in description to for your blog. This means that if you use totaling people’s images going regarding for your site, but it is uncovered the rules of Google. Because Google wants to declare their ads re those websites using their own image or their own voice. So since you implement of AdSense, if you use a copyrighted image as regards your website or steal an image from someone else and post it as soon as reference to your site, delete it now.

Now the ask that may go along afterward your mind is where reach I use the image from? In that war I would manage to pay for an opinion you to download the copyright doable image that you will search on the subject of Google. After searching for copyright pardon image download, Google will suggest various websites in tummy of you, from which you can easily download copyright pardon image and use it on your website.

Wow, if you sore spot to download an image directly from Google and use it on the subject of the subject of your website, make clear that there is no watermark in that image. And make that image rotate together in the company of than a tiny filter. If you dispute out alternating following a tiny filter, later Google will no longer share copyright.

3. The number of posts coarsely the website is low:

If your website is rejected by Google Contact Policy Violation, this may be due to the fact that the number of posts on the subject of your website is low. So you have to take care of it. You need to have passable posts regarding your website. If your website is in Bengali, you can apply for Google Adsense by posting 15 to 20 posts. And if your website is in English, you can apply for Google Adsense by posting 13 to 15 posts.

4. Posting something sexual:

If there is any sexual declare going a propos for your website later Google must put it below Content Policy Violation. Because Google does not preserve any of this. For example, if your website has a characterize of a pornstar, plus Google will never choose from your website for AdSense acclaim. Again, if there is a sexual photo going in excuse to for your website, subsequently Google must catch it as a content policy violation. So if there is any sexual pronounce upon your website in the in the forward Prabal together, later you must delete it and apply.

5. Posts not indexed by Google:

It doesn’t matter if the name is indexed by Google or not. Yet I put it upon this list. Because the posts that you will broadcast upon your website are not indexed. Then anyone else can copy those posts and herald them upon their website. For this, attempt to index all the posts upon your website in Google and subsequently apply for Adsense. Try to have all the posts and pages upon your website indexed by Google.

6. No unique posts upon the website:

The most important event is that all the posts upon your website should be 100% units past approval in AdSense. Because Google will never appear in their ads upon any website that has copied new people’s posts. So at least each and every one single one the posts that you publicize help on approbation in AdSense should be your own. That is why every share of the content is your own writing. If you copy a proclaim from option website and reveal it upon your website, but Google will never espouse AdSense upon that website. If you misery, you can say some copyright after getting proprietor in Google AdSense, in which deed there is no difficulty. Again, if you copy a publicize from different website and make known it upon your website using an article rewriting, subsequently Google will take it as copyright. So never realize such a situation past entrance in AdSense. And realize 100% unique pronounce upon your website.

7. Translation from any website:

Many of us who are adding going on to blogging think that if we translate from jarring website and proclaim it upon our website, subsequently maybe AdSense will shape. But links, this idea is extremely wrong. When translating from other site, there are many grammatically wrong ones. Because Google is not as a result stupid that you can cheat Google by copying it from the website, translating it and publishing it upon your website. Because Google is much more liberal now. So never declare a publicize translation from any adding website upon your website. If so, delete that pronounce now.

8. Missing important pages upon the website:

It is then totally important that your website has some main pages. Because Google repeatedly says that your website should have some important pages. Now the ask that may agreement your mind is what are these important pages? So cronies, these are the important pages – privacy policy, terms and conditions, more or less, right to use us. Google has repeatedly said that these pages should be upon your website. But these pages cannot be copied and posted from auxiliary websites. There is no tortured if you can generate the whole these pages from rotate generators and proclaim them upon your website. And put these pages in the headers and footers of your website. So if you obtain not have these pages upon your website, later you must mount going on the pages to your website. And later apply for AdSense.

9. Posted not quite hacking:

If there is a hacking amalgamated reveal upon your website, it falls below Google Policy Violation. Suppose you have shared upon your website how to hack a Facebook account. Again, how to ruin Facebook ID. How to hack a youtube channel. And if you pension a hacking movie upon your website. This means that if you proclamation every roughly hacking upon your website, it falls below the Google Policy Violation. So if you have any such declare, delete it now and as well as apply for Adsense.

10. Some posts that batter people:

Don’t publicize anything upon your website that harms people. That is, if you proclaim upon your website the alleviate of drinking alcohol, brother, some of the questions that will cruelty people. Nothing with that can be posted. And if you have any questions later than this, delete them now and later apply.

11. No Organic Visitors:

Although this was not the deed past. In subsidiary words, Google did not manage to pay for priority to this visitor issue since. But now according to the rules of 2021, if you have some organic visitors to your website, it is convenient to acquire AdSense. And if your website has organic visitors, subsequently Google prefers that make known. So aspire to bring some organic visitors to your website. And also apply for AdSense. These are some of the reasons why your website may have content policy violations. If you solve these problems with hopefully your website will be ready for AdSense award very easily. Please comment upon how we liked today’s state. Thanks.

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