Trimester of Pregnancy

I’m often asked by my patients doctor ‘‘why are you getting so many investigations done in pregnancy, I have only just gotten pregnant’’ honestly speaking, if you’ve not had a preconception counseling done. That means you’ve not had certain tests done before you got pregnant. It is possible that you have certain problems, which if unconnected during pregnancy can both cause you problems as well as cause problems to your unborn child. Thus we need to get certain tests done to understand and correct these problems as soon as possible.

This is also important because, in the first three months of pregnancy is when the baby is being formed and we don’t want any of these problems to affect the unborn child. So what are the ten essential investigations that we should get done in the first three months of pregnancy

If your hemoglobin is low, then you could be feeling weak all the time as well as the fact that your unborn child may not develop in the proper manner.

If you have a negative blood group that is Rh negative. then  need to check the blood group of your husband as well because there could be some complications. Check for thalassemia status thalassemia is the most common genetic disorder in our country. And if you don’t have telecine your minor and honestly there are sometimes no symptoms, even if you do have thalassemia minor. then we do need to check for your husband status as well because it can sometimes be very dangerous for your unborn child.

I know you would say that, most women who get pregnant are very young. But yet polycystic ovaries being very common in our country and such women can have elevated blood sugars in the beginning of pregnancy. And if the sugars are elevated in the first three months, it can lead to either miscarriages or certain very bad defects in the unborn child.

Again in our country especially in certain parts of the country like me more private problems are absolutely endemic and if the woman has a thyroid problem. It is possible that the child undergoes a miscarriage or the child’s brain development may not be up to the mark and as I said we wouldn’t even get to know for maybe five, six or seven years after the child is born. Estimate the vitamin “D” levels funny as it wastes may seem we’ve always thought that vitamin “D” levels are important only for bones, but more and more reports are saying that vitamin “D” levels are very important in pregnancy. not only for the mother as well as for the child. a vitamin “D” deficiency can cause increased risk of gestational diabetes increased blood pressure as well as increased the chances of convulsions in the newborn child.

Rubella is a virus against which you would have been immunized when you were born by being given an MMR vaccine. But some time is missed or you have not achieved adequate immunization against the virus. And unfortunately if you contract the virus during pregnancy, the unborn child can again have certain defects.

• Getting a union routine and culture done Simple as it may seem sometimes what you have is an asymptomatic bacteriuria, meaning you have an infection but you don’t have any symptoms of it. But unfortunately because of the infection again you may suffer a miscarriage and not know why it happened.

• An ultrasound should be done at the six weeks of pregnancy.This ultrasound would give us a lot of benefits about knowing  VT at the child is healthy and safe. And also that the pregnancy has occurred at the right place that is inside the uterine cavity last but not the least.

• Doing an ultrasound between twelve to thirteen weeks of pregnancy for what we call a first trimester screening to do our Down syndrome. I would be discussing this in a later post of mine. thus as I said ‘‘please speak to your obstetrician or the doctor’’ who’s looking after your pregnancy and request for all these tests in the first three months of pregnancy to ensure that, you have a healthy and safe pregnancy

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