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I want to give you just a few tips. I know typically I’m talking about hormones and why we need hormones but today, I think there are so other things that are very important just to remind you about and help you understand.

The first thing is that, I want to make sure that everyone knows how important it is to do breast self-exams oftentimes women will not do them on a routine basis. Then all of a sudden they will do one and they will feel a lump or a bump in their breast and they get very concerned and very worried about what this might mean the thing about doing a monthly breast self-exam is that, you become very familiar with what your breast tissue. Feels like and so if you do have a lump or a bump you may not be concerned about it. Because it’s always there and it doesn’t change. However, when you’re doing a breast self-exam make sure that if you do feel something and you’re not sure what it is that you get evaluated it might be time for an updated mammogram even so let’s all make sure that we’re being healthy and wise by doing a monthly breast self-exam.

Another health tips that, I have for you folks is to understand how important of the vitamin ‘‘D3’’ is vitamin ‘‘D3’’ is a very very potent hormone. Actually, in our bodies as well and here at the Wellness Center we’d like to see those levels in a therapeutic range we get almost every patient that comes in the levels will be very low and what has been shown through many research studies is that. The vitamin D3 can help protect us from breast cancer, colon cancerin men prostate cancer. It’s also widely known that enough therapeutic level of vitamin D3 can actually treat depression be very effective as a treatment so I want everyone to take their D3 the reason. I’m emphasizingit now is that fall is here we’re going to go to have less sunshine and vitamin D3 is known as the fight as the sunshine vitamin, so get your but you’re D3 out and make sure that you’re taking it on a daily basis and it’s always important to have your levels checked on a regular basis to make sure that you’re getting enough and also that you’re not getting too much.

The next thing, I would like to discuss as a health tip are the amino acids there’s much, much literature in regard to amino acids and how to use them and which ones to take my personal favorite is a book and it’s written by a ‘‘nutritional psychologist Julia Ross ’’the name of the book is called the ‘‘mood cure’’ amino acids are the building blocks of life so it’s important for us to have enough of them in our bodies. So that every function of our body can be positively affected by having them, so I encourage you to look into the book the mood cure and read and understand.

How important it is for us to have amino acids it’s easy to get the amino acids. It’s something that you can buy over the counter you can buy it in a powder form and you would mix that in your water and drink them on a daily basis, or you can buy them as individual capsules. If there’s one that would be particularly helpful to you there are several. I encourage you to read and study and understand which ones might be beneficial for your own health.

The fourth thing always I want folks to understand how important our hormone balances. This time of the year many people suffer with the wintertime blues or depression the sunshine. This bright sunny days are fewer and fewer and we have cold gray days to deal with our lack of hormones can also be a cause of depression lack of vitamin D can be a cause of depression lack of amino acids can be a cause of depression. So, I really want folks to not only understand how important the amino acids are the vitamin d3 is but also your hormones they can impact your overall health greatly and also just your mental well-being in a very great way as well. I hope, these tips have helped you and one more thing after this summer we’ve probably all done some damage to our skin so through the months of the winter months. The fall and winter months it’s a great time to look at your skin and understand what possible skin treatments you might need we have a wonderful Medispa and Kaitlyn our nurse practitioner.

Would be happy to meet with you and help you understand what treatments. that we do here at the Wellness Center would benefit you in your skin and some of the possible damage that we’ve caused from being out in the in the wonderful summer Sun so that’s it for this time I hope to be back soon with some more health information for you.


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