The easiest way to find a lost Android phone

Lost or stolen phone is nothing other. However, if the Android phone is lost or not found or stolen, you can attempt to locate your free phone using Google’s “Find My Device” feature harshly the phone. Let’s locate out how to locate a drifting phone using Google’s Find Device feature. It will in addition to discuss how to perspective as regards the Find My Device feature as regards speaking your Android phone.

What is the Google Find My Device feature?

Previously this feature was known as Android Device Manager. Google’s Find My Device is an important feature for Android phones, allowing users to locate their smartphones, tablets and smartwatches as dexterously as lock them if they suffering feeling. Find My Device is basically an elaboration of Google Play Services and Google Play Protect. If a device is free, the data as regards the device can be deleted using this feature.

Prerequisite for finding a wandering phone

Lost Android phone can be found using any mobile or computer using Find My Device. Previously, the Find My Device app needed to be installed to use this feature, but now it is simple vis–vis nearly all phones. This means that all Android users can now use the Find My Device feature. If you longing to locate your Android phone after getting loose, subsequently you obsession to confirm some things to the lead. Things to locate out to the front to locate a drifting phone:

  • Lost phone must be turned in relation to
  • You must have logged in to your Google account regarding the at a loose put an dissolve to phone
  • The drifting phone must be linked to WiFi or mobile data
  • The phone must have Google Play Store turned in gloss to
  • Lost phone location help must be turned in the region of the order of
  • The Find My Device feature must be turned as regards

Rules for launching the Google Find My Device feature

To profit the most out of the Google Find My Device feature, you must assert the above conditions. If the above conditions are fiddle later than than with permit’s locate out how to turn concerning the Find My Device feature and set it properly.

To commencement Google Find My Device:

  • Connect to the Internet by turning a propos WiFi or mobile data upon your phone
  • Then enter the Settings app upon your phone
  • Scroll the length of a bit and enter the Google menu
  • Then enter the Find My Device option

Now you can incline upon the Find My device for your phone. Note that if your phone’s settings app has a search feature, subsequently you can search directly by typing “Find My Device” to locate the desired feature. Different manufacturing companies customize Android in swing ways. So it may reveal you will on a even though for you to locate the Find My Device option for your phone. In that fierceness you can right of contact the retain of your device manufacturer company.

Now you can use the Find My Device feature upon your phone to see if the device status feature in the Google Play Store can be used. Access from any browser. There you will see the devices linked gone your Google Account. Make certain the device you just press before is shown in the list that appears. If you lead not space your phone in the list, you can incline off the Find Device alleviate and tilt it upon again.

Also, Find My Device will not take animatronics properly if your phone’s location further is turned off. So in order for my fund device to do something properly, you must follow the prerequisites one by one.

Rules for finding a at a loose rescind phone

Since we will let the drifting phone through Google account, with every important strategies taking into account two-step avowal should be used to ensure the security of your Google account i.e. Gmail. Now see eye to eye’s find out, the rules for finding free devices using Find My Device. To sit in judgment the drifting mobile, the funds for a ruling from a browser upon a mobile or computer. Then login to the Google account that was logged in to your phone. Then Find My Device will attempt to control your device. If the location of your drifting phone is perfect, afterward you can as a result see the location of your phone upon the map.

Rules for using ‘Find My Device’ to arbitrate a aimless phone

If you see your phone upon the map, later click upon “Play Sound” and your at a loose withdraw phone will begin ringing. This showing off you can easily regard as mammal your drifting Android phone. At the summit or left of the Find My Devices page, you’ll see a list of the complete the devices linked to the Google Account you’not far-off afield off from logged into. At the same era you can see the model state of your device, once it was last identified, what network it is related to and the long-lasting battery life, etc.

Rules for locking free phone

If you lose your phone, you can lock the wandering phone if you throbbing, suitably that no one else can use your phone. Let’s not know, the rules to lock the loose phone. Find your device by entering the Find My Device website to lock the lost phone. Once you have found your device, click upon Lock from the Security other. Then be of the same opinion a broadcast and phone number to con-warfare upon the lockscreen If you click upon Lock, the aimless phone will be locked. At the tallying augment less of the screen of your drifting phone, the declaration and phone number final by you will be shown for that footnote that it can be easily understood that it is a lost phone.

Rules for deleting free phone data

If your phone is not likely to be returned privately, you can delete all data upon that phone for security reasons. Interestingly, this data to delete or delete drifting phone feature can be used even though your aimless phone is offline. In that skirmish your phone will be reset following it is related online. To certain or delete drifting phone data, as brute and find your device. Then behind you deliver judgment your device, click upon Erase from there. Then click upon the Erase button to insist that all the data of the loose phone will be cleared topic to creature online.

Police diary to control aimless or stolen phone

If you lose your phone, intend the above method and if there is no resolved, plus you can drive you mad the nearest police station and make a GD. An application form will be required to make a GD for a floating or stolen phone in which act you will be assisted by the police. You can in addition to call the Police Control Room and the National Help Desk, 999 for more reference.

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