Some amazing facts about Realme

Realme has gained skyrocketing popularity in a sudden period of period as a smartphone maker company conventional in 2016. Realmmer, the parent company of Apo, Vivo and OnePlus, emerged from Chinese BBK Electronics. Although initially known as opo, Realme has now usual its own brand quite firmly. Although started as soon as smartphones, Realm has now become a lifestyle brand. At expertise there are numerous electronic products easy to complete to in the flavor including Realm branded discharge commitment bank, earphones, TV. Realme devices are below exposure due to their handsome design and features.

Realme has taken place in the minds of customers in Bangladesh and India by bringing all the pleasant smartphones to the puff at low prices. The smartphone brand started its ascribed journey in this area May 4, 2016. RealMe officially launched in May 2016, but RealMe’s logo was unveiled not in the make standoffish off from November 15th. In new words, approximately 6 months after the journey of Realme, its logo was unveiled to the public, which can be considered as odd.

Although RealMe officially started their actions in 2016, this version started in 2010. That year, Opo launched a feature phone called “opo Real”. Later in 2016, Realmy officially started its journey in India. Let’s locate out some unbelievable facts roughly the expertly-liked smartphone brand, Realme.

Realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone company

Just two years after its commencement, the Realme smartphone brand has crossed the 50 million phone sales milestone in 2020. In our country too, the company is in agreeable competition behind Xiaomi’s budget smartphone series, Redmi. It took Realmy just 36 months to sell the first 100 million smartphones, which is atypical world book. Realme but first started its journey as a sub-brand of Apo. However, Realme was higher avowed as an independent brand. Realme and Apo, however, use each subsidiary’s technology.

Realme head office and CEO

Realme founder Sky Lee was to come Apo’s vice president. He was moreover the head of Apo India. From the arrival, Realm has been headquartered in India. Then in 2019, Realmy opened other office in China. The current CEO of Realme is Madhav Seth, who is an Indian. And Sky Lee, a Chinese citizen, is now the global CEO of Realme.

Madhav Seth is a co-founder and vice president of Realm. He was Apo’s sales director back becoming CEO of Realme. Madhav Seth was appointed as the CEO of Realme in March 2016, two months after the inauguration of the Oppo F7 device. Bigger than opo!

From the start, Shaomi’s smartphones have been beating Apo. As a upshot of Shaomi’s argumentative pricing, maintaining make known part in the Indian post was becoming a threat to Apo. Realmie was conventional as a sub-brand of Apo to solve this agonized. Later, due to the popularity of Realm, it was transformed into an independent brand. In the second quarter of 2021, Realmy surpassed mother-brand Oppo in terms of device sales in India. Apo sold 3.7 million smartphones in India along along plus April and June 2021. Where Realm sold 4.9 million smartphones.

Realme is an Indian startup!

Although the company that owns Realm is Chinese, its journey has started from India. Realm CEO Madhav Seth said in a video interview that they started selling phones in the Middle East and gathering regions soon after they started operations in India and found gaining. He auxiliary that roughly 50% of Realmy’s devices are sold in the Indian push (data at the period). Realme follows the “India-First” policy. In auxiliary words, they manage to pay for priority to India and opening most of the devices and technologies in India first. domain is beyond 23 years primeval!

Realme’s credited website domain, is remote than 23 years very old. This domain was purchased in 1997 by an individual. Later, after the launch of Realme, BBK Electronics bought the domain from that person. Earlier, the Realme website was

Realme and MediaTek

A significant number of Realme’s phones have MediaTek processors. Due to the partnership along surrounded by MediaTek and Realme, Realme may be the first to opening a phone taking into account MediaTek’s totaling processor. Also the price of MediaTek’s processor from Snapdragon processor is relatively low. As a upshot, the cost of making a smartphone is degrade than that of Realm. Realme’s phones are user-approachable at every one of affordable prices as they can be made at low cost. Realme’s first phone was made by Opo!

You may be shocked to know that Realmy’s first product, Realme 1, but Realme didn’t have its own phone. This phone was originally a rebranded checking account of Oppo’s Oppo F7 Youth Edition. Even as soon as the Realm 2, many have commented that it was actually a rebranded gloss of the Apo AX5. Whatever it is, in the initiation they can admit a tiny advantage of themselves! Realme has now become a global brand subsequent to than products in compound electronics segments. What is your protection approximately the Realme brand? Let us know in the comments section.

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