Increase Baby’s Brain Development

We are all interested in providing our children their best start and foundation in life. This can be a broad range of things, but one of the most common things, we think about as parents, is intelligence. Nature and nurture both play a part in the overall intellectual development of a child. I might not be able to do much about nature, once genetics arm Please after conception. But we are able to help nurture our children.

Hi, my name is( MD. MASUD PARVEZ) welcome to my site in today’s post we are going to go over five straightforward tips, on how you can nurture your baby’s brain development while you are still pregnant. If you like information about baby development both during pregnancy and after birth, then it is time to give this post a thumbs up and hit the subscribe and bell so we stay connected now. Let’s get, the information.

Stay Active

Tips number one stay active. Not only does being active during pregnancy reduce the risk of cesarean sections. But studies have shown that, it may help improve baby’s oral language skills later in life. Also babies may adjust better to environmental stimuli, if their mother was active during the pregnancy. These things all relate to better scoring in intelligence testing later. So if you can exercise, then it is a positive habit to continue or start in a healthy pregnancy, of course always check with your doctor first.

Get Some Vitamin ‘D’

Tips number two, get some vitamin D and healthy fats in your diet vitamin D deficiency may have a negative effect on the developing fetus in motor skills and social development, that can be observed in the preschool years. In order to avoid this possible effect get some Sun, which the body uses for vitamin D or eat vitamin D rich foods. Also you can take a vitamin D supplement that has been approved by your doctor. Also healthy fats are an important part of a prenatal diet healthy fats, such as ‘DHA’ have been shown to be beneficial to fetal neurological development your doctor, may have already suggested that you take a prenatal DHA supplement or you can seek out foods that are rich in this omega-3 fatty acid such as salmon.

Stay Pregnant Longer

Tips number three, stay pregnant longer even though the end of the pregnancy can be exhausting, and many moms want to get the baby delivered as soon as possible, try to be patient the March of Dimes defines full-term as 39 to 40 weeks gestation. So if it is possible for the practice to continue to this time, then wait it out supposedly. There is a positive impact on the baby’s cognitive function and a possible increase in performance, in reading and other academic areas for those who are able to stay in the wound until 39 to 40 weeks full-term.

Talk and Read

Tips number four, talk and read to your baby. Gave your baby the gift of language development. As soon as they can here which is while they are still in the womb during the last stages of pregnancy. Babies are listening and learning word exposure is linked to a higher vocabulary and better academic performance overall. Try to be gentle and soothing in your tone. Because, mother’s voice is already amplified in the room. pick up, your favorite book and read to your baby this also can help in early bonding.

Reduce Stress

Tips number five, reduce stress chronic stress is bad for everyone including your unborn child. Higher stress or higher cortisol levels, for a long period of time during pregnancy can have a negative effect on the baby’s development. This negative effect may impact neurological development, so try to relax meditate seek help or use. Whatever, coping mechanism helps you de-stress this is great for you and the baby.

So, these tips are pretty simple and easy to implement some of you may already be practicing, this in your pregnancy and if you are great keep it up. also remember there is a ton of stuff that, we can do once the baby is here, so if you haven’t done it.

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