How to Turn On Chrome Dark Mode

From Facebook to Reddit, the Dark Mode’s anagona is on almost every corner of the Internet. This proves that Dark Mode is actually very user friendly. Google Chrome is a popular internet browser. For all the awesome features of Google Chrome, it is the first choice of most people’s browsers on any device including mobile, computer. Let’s find out how to turn on Google Chrome’s Dark Mode on different devices.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode basically changes the color of the screen and darkens the background. However, turning on Chrome’s Dark mode does not change the theme of all websites to Dark Mode. This depends on whether the website you are visiting already has Dark Mode.If Dark Mode is integrated into the website you are visiting, then Google Chrome browser will not apply Dark Mode separately. Again, it is possible to use Dark Mode on all websites using Chrome extension or Chrome theme.

Why use dark mode

Looking at the bright screen for a long time is harmful for the eyes. Prolonged staring at a bright screen makes the eyes feel tired so it is not possible to stare at a bright screen for a long time.Again, the blue light coming from inside the screen can cause eye damage and can even ruin the sleep pattern. Using the dark mode makes it easier for the eyes to focus on the screen or read text. Dark mode has some more good aspects besides being tolerable to the eye.

If the dark mode is on, even if you look at the screen of the mobile or computer for a long time, it does not feel so uncomfortable. There are also many benefits to reading any text in dark mode Turning on Dark Mode also improves the battery life of many devices. Dark mode plays a major role in energy saving, especially in the case of OLED screens.

Rules for turning on Google Chrome Dark Mode on Android phones

First make sure that the Google Chrome app on your phone is up to date. If Google Chrome is not updated, go to the Play Store and update the app. Then turn on the dark mode of Google Chrome

  • Sign in to the Google Chrome app
  • Press the three dot button in the top right corner of the screen
  • Then press Settings
  • Scroll down a bit and press Themes

Then you will get three options named System Default, Light, Dark. If you select System Default, the dark mode of Chrome will be turned on and off with the dark mode set by your phone. You can use the general theme and dark mode by selecting the light and dark options respectively.

Rules for turning on Google Chrome Dark Mode on iPhone

The iOS-powered iPhone does not have the feature to turn on Dark Mode separately in the Google Chrome app. Turning on DarkMode from the original settings of the iPhone automatically turns on Google Chrome’s Dark Mode.To turn on the iPhone’s dark mode, enter the phone’s ‘Settings’ app and scroll down to the ‘Display & Brightness’ section. Then select Dark below Appearance and Dark mode will be turned on. In this way, if you turn on the dark mode of the phone, the dark mode of Google Chrome will also be turned on.

Rules for turning on Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows computers

On Windows computers like the iPhone, there is no option to turn on Dark Mode directly in the Google Chrome browser. However, if you turn on the dark mode of Windows, the automatic dark mode is turned on in the Google Chrome browser. To turn on the dark mode of Google Chrome browser on Windows computer:

  • Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows key
  • Enter the settings by clicking on the gear icon
  • Then click on Personalization
  • Click on Colors
  • Click on the drop down below the text Choose your color and click on Dark

Clicking on Dark will turn on Dark Mode for all supported apps, including Google Chrome. Note that Windows versions of Windows 10 do not have Dark Mode. As a result, other than Windows 10 or 11 computers running Google Chrome or any other app does not have the feature to turn on the dark mode.

Rules for turning on Google Chrome Dark Mode on Mac

There is no option to turn on Dark Mode directly on a Mac, MacBook or iMac’s Google Chrome browser running Mac operating system. Like Windows computers and iPhones, the Mac’s Dark mode will be turned on as soon as the system is turned on.Note that this feature can only be used if your Mac is powered by Mac OS Mohavi or later. To turn on Dark Mode in Google Chrome browser on Mac:

  • Click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  • Click on System Preferences
  • Then click on the General option

Then Light and Dark will give you two options to change the look of your screen. You will also see an option called Auto. Selecting this option will turn Dark mode and Light mode on or off depending on the time.

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