How to safe online

The internet is a source of useful, interesting and weird information. This technology has become a part of daily life for income-earning, shopping or communication. Even if you get many opportunities, you can be in danger by using internet. Most of the time your negligence is responsible for this. Bad people easily grab your information. So be careful about the risks when using the internet. The top has given some tips to stay safe online.

Use of antivirus software: Viruses can cause a variety of problems. It can slow down the computer and even make it unusable. Viagra, porn or phishing emails may come. Clicking on all of these emails can invade your used website and take away used passwords, credit card numbers, records or reports. So keep the computer virus free. Use good antivirus software.

Using Google Chrome: Even if you don’t have antivirus, you can choose Google Chrome as your browser. It is currently very popular as a dynamic and secure browser.

Don’t give passwords to anyone: The key to staying safe on the internet is passwords. Currently most spammers use this path. It is often seen that if you want to enter a site to play online games, you are asked for a password. He was in danger if he dropped the password. This can lead to the theft of your important information and documents. Refrain from giving your email or website password to anyone else.

Don’t ‘click’ on emailed links: Don’t click on unfamiliar emailed links. There you will be asked for your personal information with various offers. There is a risk of your personal information being stolen. Even the risk of hacking increases.

Keeping Antivirus Updated: There is no antivirus that can block all types of viruses. But new viruses are being created every day. So antivirus also needs to be strong to prevent these. So you need to update the antivirus regularly.

Do not open attachments from strangers: If you send an attachment from an unfamiliar account in the mail, be careful when opening. This is a known way of attacking the virus. As soon as the attachment is opened, the virus will spread to all the saved contracts in the computer and mail. Don’t talk to strangers.

Using a firewall: You can use a firewall to protect computer data security.

Not personal information on public sites: Many people post personal email addresses and phone numbers in public posts and blog comments. That’s not right at all. From there, spammers gather information and start sending spam in the mail. Any unwanted calls may come.

You need to be safe not only online but also in real life. The more people know your personal information, the easier it will be to target you. You can be infected not only by violence but also by hacking and viruses.

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