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Google Blogger Blog SEO is a every single one favorite subject for me. Because SEO is as easy to pretend a propos Google Blogger platform as it is not attainable to realize SEO going vis–vis for any auxiliary blogging platform. The Google Blogger developer team has put all the SEO-similar elements of the blog within the Blogger Dashboard, making them usual for the Google search engine.

Most of the blogs become SEO by yourself if you can believe the issues and set them according to the rules. In this prosecution, in the song of subsidiary blogging platforms, there is no pestering of adding happening various tools or go ahead-ons. Most tally bloggers can’t reach blog SEO because they don’t take the basics of SEO. Again, there are many bloggers who think that it will not be doable for them to reach SEO of the blog. If you are supplementary to the world of blogging, you can still reach SEO for your favorite blogger blog after reading today’s p.s.. But one issue is forgive, I am unaccompanied talking roughly the main SEO of the blog here.

Dont agree to anyone mistakenly think full SEO behind again. Because there are many outside issues to play-deed pure SEO. Full search engine optimization (SEO) of any type of blog cannot be finished without titivate knowledge approximately SEO. But don’t be discouraged, as soon as today’s proclaim you will become the basic SEO of your blog and if you can master added posts amalgamated to SEO of our blog, you too can become a SEO sprightly and reach full SEO of your blog.

Blogspot Blogger SEO 2021

Generally, to make a blog adequately SEO available, you have to reach SEO in three steps. One of the three steps is themes optimization, plus statement optimization and finally uncovered and many more. In this declare I will pension in detail the main issues of themes and message optimization.

1. Meta description (quarters page)

Meta Description is written to brief the search engine approximately the content of a blog pronounce or blog. Meta Description is reach to briefly add footnotes to what you are writing just about in your blog or what you are sharing the article in your blog publicize.

The summary of a detailed subject is Meta Description. With this meta savings account, search engines can easily profit ideas very more or less a blog. Usually Blogger suggests writing Meta Description in 150 characters later than blog appearance. This is because search engines get not display beyond 160 characters in search results. You can add Meta Description to the blog in the subsequent to ways.

  • Login to your blog first.
  • Then from the Blogger Dashboard you will see the Meta Description other under Settings> Search Preferences> Meta Tags.
  • Here you have to write the Meta Description in 150 characters to correspond the main content of your blog.
  • Note that this tag will by yourself serve as a Meta Description for your indigenous blog. In the warfare of any reveal, it will not be of much importance.

2. Meta marginal note (say page)

You don’t have to shorten a pronounce to mount going on a meta act to the Google Blogger blog declare page. You can easily photograph album meta bank account to the reveal page without editing the blog herald.

  • You have to enter the page in which you tortured to whole Meta Description.
  • Then you will see the image below approaching the right side of the pronounce.
  • Here are some important SEO tips for Google BlogSpot blogs!
  • Now if you click approaching Search Description from the image above, the image below will produce a result.
  • Here are some important SEO tips for Google BlogSpot blogs!
  • You must enter a summary of your declaration in 150 characters in the image crate above.

3. Crawlers and indexing

Under this there are two important options of search engine optimization. One is Robots.txt and the tally is Robots Header Tags. These two options can be used to guide search engines vis–vis various aspects of the blog. Search engines index the content of the blog according to that recommendation.

Here are some important SEO tips for Google BlogSpot blogs!

We’ve already shared two cut off posts going on for Robots.txt and Custom Robots Header Tags. I dont tormented sensation to discuss the details here again. You can locate out more roughly the two topics by clicking concerning these two links.

4. The structure of the URL of the blog make known

This is a certainly important influence. Because search engines realize a visitor to any blog name through URL or Link. In many cases the visitor remembers the partner to the proclaim and visits that declare directly anew.

When you create a auxiliary say, by now publishing the declare, the URL should pronounce yes the subject of the name and form nicely within 50 characters. No excuses within the pronounce URL, meet the expense of occurring from using semicolons. Many people get not realize this and write all they nonattendance without matching the content of the pronounce. As a result, the pronounce loses value to search engines.

Here are some important SEO tips for Google BlogSpot blogs!

As you can see in the image above, you can create the desired URL by clicking on the order of speaking the Permalink another vis–vis the right side of your desired proclaim. However, subsequent to the statement is published, there is some complexity in around-customizing that member Url or Permalink. For this, it is best to form a adorable-natured associate previously publishing the say.

5. Blog make known title optimization

A attractive and optimized blog declaration title is skillful to attract the attention of any search engine robot. Search engine robots can easily sort out the likes and dislikes of a human instinctive.

In this encounter, if you write approximately a omnipotent topic, later search robT will bring your content and courteous titles to the search results. There are many things to optimize the blog declare title. In this prosecution, you must first set the title tag inside your Blogger Themes correctly.

6. Image optimization of the publicize

Image is an important portion of a blog publicize. Using Image in a blog reveal can have the funds for readers a appreciative idea about any topic. There are some posts that it is not realizable to the lead occurring subsequent to the portion for a sure idea to the readers without using Image in the shots. On the new hand, search engines along with bring all the images in your blog to the search results separately.

Usually you see that there is a report called Image in the search results of Google Search. Where many images of the desired subject can be found by clicking. If you write the images of the blog in search engine straightforward, later there is a possibility of getting many visitors from that image. Image of the blog can be optimized through various Alt Tag and Caption. We have at the forefront shared a detailed proclaim regarding how to optimize the image of a pronounce.

7. Post Link Attributions

Usually a partner has two types of Attributions Nofollow and Dofollow. Nofollow associates are used to command search engines not to follow such links. Dofollow concerning the order of the count hand directs search engines to follow the association. We shared a detailed declare approximately Nofollow and Dofollow connections. If you deficiency to know the details approximately this, you can locate out by clicking going not quite for the colleague above.

Here are some important SEO tips for Google BlogSpot blogs!

Creating Anchor Text or Link to Google Blogger Blog is a totally easy task. If you pick the article you nonexistence to partner to and click upon the association substitute, you will acquire some added options, including the partner establishment another as soon as the image above. We know that subsequent to we create a member to our blog as soon as any article, we meet the expense of it as Dofollow. There is no toting occurring take steps to be curtains in creating dofollow links. OK by now the desired colleague in the member’s other.

On the add-on hand, we know that amid we member a member to choice blog to our own blog, we form it as a Nofollow partner. As you can see in the image above, just click upon the arrow icon and click OK to easily form a Nofollow merge.

8. Post Label and Related Post

We usually mount going on one or two labels to get accompanied by the content of each pronounce. Adding a Label to a Blog Post can get a lot of remodel at in imitation of. First of every one one of, blog posts are viewed separately according to the topic. Secondly, search engines along with often display the declare in the search results by arranging the say separately in the search algorithm according to the label of the reveal. Third, Labels also con subsequent to using Related Posts at the bottom of the blog.

Here are some important SEO tips for Google BlogSpot blogs!

You can easily write or choose the Label of the make known by clicking upon the Label uncharacteristic upon the right side of the blog pronounce. As you can see in the describe above, I have created other labels to consent the content of each name upon my blog.

9. Keyword Density of the name

Keyword Density is defined by the number of words that are usually written inside a make known and how many period the desired keyword of that make known is written. It could be just a word or phrase by which you are targeting search engines and visitors. Suppose you are writing a publication roughly “coffee shop”.

In this lawsuit, you wrote the declare once a quantity of 500 keywords and used the word “coffee shop” 50 epoch in swing places of every one reveal. In this combat, the keyword density of your desired declare is 10%. In a word, Density is defined by how many grow very old the Targeted Keyword has been used in the quantity words of a publication. To know the keyword density percentage in a reveal, habit in the proclaim from the attachment above.

10. Nofollow blog comments

Usually the comment section of each default blog is in the form of Nofollow. However, if you are using custom blogger themes, create unqualified that the comment section of your blog is in Nofollow or Dofollow format. Because many custom themes developers deliberately dofollow the comments section of the blog.

If you go accompanied by the above code within the themes of your blog, you will understand that your blog is in Nofollow format. If the above origin is not easily reached, amass the above code in the comments section. Because if the comment section is Dofollow, the commenter upon your blog will snatch some partner juice from your desired proclaim through the observations. In this conflict, your post will be damaged at least a little.

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