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Just like the body, the brain develops quickly during childhood and needs the right nourishment.  We’ve curated twelve brain – optimizing foods that your child just can’t miss out on Spinach

Spinach strengthens brain cells and contains antioxidants, which helps rectify the damage caused by free radicals that damage brain cells.  Spinach also contains folate, which helps in all round brain development. Eggs
Eggs contain choline, a nutrient that helps in retaining neural pathways to keep memories intact.  Did you know that one egg can supply kids with a quarter of their choline requirement? Studies
Studies have shown that dairy products boost the part of the brain that controls emotions and sensations. It is believed that curd could help in controlling anxiety and depression.  Fish

Fish is the holy grail of brain food as it contains omega 3 fatty acids.  This contributes to 50% of the brain’s fat mass and maintains its structural integrity

Berries contain antioxidants that reverse the harmful effects of free radicals.  Another brain enhancing component found in berries are flavonoids.  These make their way to the hippocampus and improve learning capabilities. Turmeric
Turmeric Containing Curcumin Whose Has Anti – Inflammatory S Well S Antioxidant Properties Hoich Redus Other Demag T Brain May Have Sustained Over Time. Omega
Omega 3 fatty acids present in walnuts help improve memory and reduce inflammations in the brain, it also removes excess protein deposits in the brain which revamps memory power Oatmeal
Low or high blood sugar can disrupt the neural pathways in the brain.  Oatmeal regulates blood sugar in the body, which in turn boosts brain health and brain function. Beans
Beans Are One of the Best Foods for Brain Development.  Gives have a high content of omega fatty acids which help improve memory. Apples
Apples help in the production of acetylcholine, which helps in the transmission of messages between nerves in the brain.  They also contain antioxidants that reverse damage caused by free radicals.  Avocados
Apart from Vitamin K and potassium, avocados contain folate which helps in brain development.  In fact, pregnant women are advised to consume folate to prevent neural birth defects in the fetus. Amla
Also known as the Indian Gooseberry, Amla Contains Antioxidants That help fighting Of Harmful Free radicals In the Brain. Nuts
 Nuts like walnuts and peanuts are rich in vitamin E which protect nervous membranes and help ward off mental ailments like Alzheimer’s disease.  Nuts also have thiamine to help the brain and nervous system use glucose for energy Whole Grains
Most whole grains are high in fiber, so they get digested slowly, providing kids with a steady stream of energy, as well as giving them protein.  Whole grains stabilize blood glucose levels.  The brain is dependent on sugar or glucose for it’s optimum functioning Water
Brain cells need twice as much energy as other cells in the body.  Water provides this energy more effectively than any other substance.  Drinking ample amounts of water will not just help with better thinking, it can also help in preventing attention deficit disorder in kids as well as adults. Yoghurt
A Yoghurt is a good source of protein, fat and vitamin B. The fat present in yoghurt is very necessary for brain health. This fat keeps the brain cell membranes flexible and helps in sending and receiving information by the brain cells
You can use flavored yoghurts as desserts You can add them in the lunch box of children along with some mix-ins which they like. You can serve yoghurt with berries on top for breakfast.
  •  Fortified Cereals
Fortified whole grain cereals are rich in folate and complex carbohydrates. The fortified cereals are a great source of protein and vitamin B 12. Vitamin B12 helps us to remember things in a better way.
Avoid cereals with added sugar. Try serving them along with peanuts or raisins to make it taste better and to improve the nutrient value. Almonds
Almonds are a proven super-food, which help in repairing brain cells and boosting cognitive functions including memory.  Almonds are rich in Zinc, which fights the free radicals in your blood stream.  Almonds are also rich in vitamin B6 which promotes brain health and vitamin E which improves memory.
Now that you know the best foods to boost your child’s brain development, live ahead and cook some delicious special stops!

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