2 WhatsApp in one phone

Most Android phones have dual SIM card options. Even if you have two SIMs, you can’t usually use two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone. However, some smartphones are currently offering dual apps or dual mode features. Two different accounts can be used in the same chat app. So you don’t need to use two smartphones to use WhatsApp. The location has to be taken out from different phones first. Take a look at the sample-

Samsung: Dual Messenger

  • Settings = Advanced Feature = Dual Messenger

Xiaomi: Dual apps

  • Settings = Dual Apps

Oppo: Clone Apps

  • Settings = App Clone

Asus: Twin Apps

  • Settings = App Twin

Huawei & Honor: App Twin

  • Settings = App Twin

How to use the Dual WhatsApp feature:

  1. Turn on the dual apps settings option on the phone.
  2. Select Duplicate App (Select WhatsApp).
  3. Wait until the process is complete.
  4. Go to the top of the homescreen and you will see the second WhatsApp logo. Tap there to launch the app.
  5. You can use the app with a different phone number.

Some phones have Android One devices and do not feature dual apps. Some such apps including parallel, dual app wizard, double app are available in Google Play Store. If you want to use two accounts in the same chat app, you can download them.

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